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22 Players on the Property Market will Help Copenhagen Become CO₂-Neutral by 2025

New partners of the Energy Leap agreement ensures a focus on saving energy in private residential - and commercial properties in Copenhagen.

22 building owners, landlords, housing cooperatives, property managers and knowledge partners, representing more than 40.000 apartments, have agreed to participate in the City of Copenhagen’s partnership agreement, Energy Leap. By committing to the agreement they will reduce energy consumption in their building and help ensure important contribution to the City of Copenhagen's ambitious plan to become CO₂-neutral by 2025 – the overall objective of the Copenhagen 2025 Climate Plan, which contains a wide range of initiatives to achieve this goal - including Energy Leap.

Overwhelmingly Large Commitment

Energy Leap’s partners signed an agreement on energy savings along with the Technical and Environmental Mayor Morten Kabell Thursday, June 30th at City Hall.

"Copenhagen is going to be the first CO₂ neutral capital in the world. But the municipality cannot achieve this goal alone. Support from Copenhageners and businesses that will contribute to the green transition, is crucial. I am excited about the great support that the work of reducing energy consumption through Energy Leap has received, and I hope that even more people will show interest in the partnership in the future,"  says Technical and Environmental Mayor Morten Kabell, City of Copenhagen.

Peter Lassen, real estate agent and partner of Colliers International, is one of the 22 initial partners who signed the agreements included in Energy Leap. He says about his involvement:

"Property owners and the City of Copenhagen have common interests when it comes to reducing energy consumption and hereby CO₂ emissions. Low energy consumption and a green profile in commercial and residential properties is an important parameter in order to sell, rent and ensure property value. At the same time the real estate industry should support and contribute to Copenhagen's goal of becoming CO₂-neutral. Not only because it is a shared responsibility to take care of our planet, but also because it helps to promote Copenhagen in regards to international companies and investors. "

Energy Leap can reduce CO2 with 6,000 ton

The City of Copenhagen has with the Climate Plan set the goal of becoming the world's first CO₂ neutral capital by 2025. It requires total savings of 900,000 tons of CO2 by 2025. The climate plan is a holistic plan as well as a collection of specific goals and initiatives within four areas: Energy consumption, energy production, green mobility and the city administration.

Energy Leap is one of the initiatives that will help Copenhagen reduce energy consumption in the building stock. The goal is to get at least 17 % of the building stock represented in Energy Leap, as this would mean a reduction of approximately 6,000 tons of CO2 in 2025. This is achieved through reducing energy consumption by at least 10 %. Energy Leap’s first 22 partners together make up an area of ​​just over 3.3 million m2, equivalent to more than 8 % of the total building stock in Copenhagen.

Helping to Achieve Energy Savings

Experience shows that on average energy consumption can be reduced with 5 to 10 %, partly by optimizing and regulating the heating system and partly by being conscious about energy consumption.
Partners in Energy Leap focus on both optimizing operations and energy renovating. The first year savings will primarily be achieved by optimizing the operation of energy-consuming systems in buildings.

The partners will receive help from HOFOR – Greater Copenhagen Utility to achieve energy savings in their property portfolio by getting the heating system in the building checked so that it runs optimally. In addition, they get help to monitor water – and heat consumption using a measuring device that sends data from the heating system to the screen so they can see where there are more savings to be achieved, and thereby focus on these areas.
Energy saving efforts benefits both owners and tenants – the owners achieve a greener profile, and the tenants get lower heating bills as a direct consequence of the Energy Leap agreements.


  • Energy Leap is a partnership agreement between the City of Copenhagen, HOFOR, owners of large buildings, housing cooperatives, tenants, administrators and organizations.
  • The partnership has been established in 2016 and is a collaboration working together to optimize energy consumption in private properties.