Dynamic Purchasing System of Non-Road Mobile Machinery

06.06.2019, kl. 12.00
The Cities of Oslo and Copenhagen cooperates on a joint procurement procedure of environment and climate-friendly wheel loaders

Since 2016, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Oslo have participated in a joint project for the Scandinavian Green Public Procurement Alliance
(hereinafter "SGPPA ") together with the City of Stockholm towards the non-road mobile machine sector.

- The City of Copenhagen expects to replace up to 7 wheel loaders within a 4-year time frame.

- The City of Oslo will make their purchases through the Agency for Waste Management,

"Renovasjonsetaten - REN ". The Agency is responsible for waste handling and use different types of NRMM on their facilities. The Agency needs to replace between 2-4-wheel loaders within the next 4 years.

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