Cloudburst and Culture - Renewal of Hans Tavsens Park and Korsgade in Nørrebro

07.10.2015, Kl
17.12.2015, Kl
The Integrated Urban Renewal at Nørrebro (Områdefornyelsen Nørrebro) invites applicants as part of the Nordic Built Cities Challenge.
The project

The Challenge of the Danish competition is to:

- Develop smart climate adaptation solutions for the dense city
- Ensure cultural and climate synergy by developing multifunctional facilities for a liveable urban space

The competition site is located in the district of Nørrebro, and consists of three urban spaces:

1) Hans Tavsens Park
2) Blågård School area
3) Korsgade

The competition site is about 85.000 square meters and the distance from the one end to the other is approximately 1 km. The area inhabits 25.000 citizens in a radius of 800 meters.

It is expected that the City of Copenhagen will hire the national winning team on a contract concerning at least one of the three urban spaces of the site. The expected construction cost of the whole project is 50-80 millions DKK.

Multidiciplinary teams are invited to apply.

The multidisciplinary teams should consist of:

A) Professionals with experience in construction of large scale urban and landscape projects and climate adoptation solutions

It is optional for the teams to consist of:

B) Experts in urban spaces for children and active use of the urban space
C) People with experience in urban gardening and urban farming
D) Experts in innovation, anthropology, human behavior, social science or other relevant disciplines

The procurement procedure for this project will be by restricted design contest.

Prequalification application

Prequalification application as a word- or pdf-file must be sent by email to email should not exceed 20 Mb. Deadline is on 17 December 2015 at 23:59 hours CET.

If the application is to be delivered by post, it should be sent as a package or a registered letter to “Teknik- og Miljøforvaltningen, Byens Fysik, Islands Brygge 37, stuen, 2300 Kbh. S. The letter or package should be marked with »Må ikke scannes – Prækvalifikation – Cloudburst and Culture – Att: Julie Rosted".

If the application is to be delivered direct to the address above it should be within the opening hours of the reception, namely Monday – Thursday 8.00 – 15.45 and Friday 8.00 – 15.00.

Q & A

Competitors can forward questions regarding the competition task via e-mail to the competition secretary, until 4 December 2015 23:59 hour CET.

The secretary is: Julie Rosted
Mail address for QA:

They will be answered in at least two batches. The first batch answers questions that have arrived by 1 November and the second batch questions (arrived by the latest at 4 December) will be posed by 7 December.

Please refer to the attached sheets of correction at the bottom named Rettelsesblad nr. 1 af 22. oktober 2015, Rettelsesblad nr. 2 af 16. November 2015, Rettelsesblad nr. 3 af 071215 and QandAs site visit 031215.


As a potential contestant you will have the opportunity to visit the site on Thursday 3. December from 10-13 when Områdefornyelsen Nørrebro invites all interested parties to a SITE VISIT. Meatingpoint at the corner of Korsgade and Thorupsgade, for more information see the attached invitation “Invitation to site visit 3 December 2015

Lodging of appeal

Appeals concerning the procurement-procedure should be directed to Klagenævnet for Udbud (complaints board), as specified in § 7 according to act nr. 492 of 12 may 2010 (with later changes) regarding enforcement of procurement rules, as follows:

Appeals should be received in Klagenævnet within 45 calendar days, from the day after the relevant authority’s announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union that the relevant authority has concluded a contract. The appellant should notify the relevant authority of the appeal, and whether the appeal was tabled in the standstill-period, no later than at the time that the appeal is directed to Klagenævnet. In the case that the appeal is not tabled in the standstill-period, the appellant should indicate whether or not suspensory effect of the appeal is requested.

For further information regarding the procurement and the project, please refer to the attached tender notice and appendices.



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