CPH Climate Solutions 2017

  • CPH Climate Solutions Annual Conference // 28.-29. august 2017
    Foto: Københavns Kommune
Cities in transition for a sustainable future

The overall theme of the conference is “Cities in transition for a sustainable future”, and focus on Copenhagen Climate Plan 2025 and the Roadmap 2017-2020. The conference will address current initiatives, trends, challenges and opportunities, and share best practices across cities.

We would like to invite YOU to participate in some of the following sessions and workshops:

MOBILITY AND TRANSPORT – Sustainable mobility leadership in European green capitals

SMART CITY WORLD LABS – Synergies between cities

CIRCULAR ECONOMY –  from bio waste to resources

CITIES SHARE PLANS AND AMBITIONS – Learn from climate plans from Essen, Oslo and Paris

REDUCING ENERGY IN PUBLIC BUILDINGS – detailed and valid energy data strengthens  the effort

GREEN FINANCE – Challenges, opportunities and best practice for city solutions

SUSTAINABLE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT – Public procurement as a driver for sustainable transition

COPENHAGEN SOLUTIONS TO GO – Inspiring and exporting green city solutions globally

ENERGY SYSTEMS TOWARDS 2050 - Seen in a Copenhagen perspective

GREEN GROWTH IN CAPITAL REGION - Perspectives and plans for partnerships and cooperations across sectors

CLIMATE ADAPTATION –  Climate adaptation, urban spaces and urban nature 

SUSTAINABLE CITIES TOWARDS 2050 – How to create livable cities


WORKSHOP // STORM SURGE SOLUTIONS IN COPENHAGEN – Stakeholder and market dialogue

WORKSHOP // GREEN FINANCE – New financial partnerships in Copenhagen

WORKSHOP // CIRCULAR BUSINESS MODELS (SESSION IN DANISH) – Cirkulære forretningsmodeller i det urbane madsystem


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